Transfer Credit Resources: Transfer Credit Resources

The following resources will help you determine which courses and credits will transfer to USC.

Interactive Planning Guide
This online resource will help you determine which undergraduate courses at other institutions will satisfy USC’s General Education courses, as well as the lower-division coursework required for any major. Go to the Interactive Planning Guide.

Transfer Planning Worksheet (PDF)
This worksheet will help you keep track of the transferable courses you have completed and what courses are still in progress. Download the Transfer Planning Worksheet (PDF).

Additional Coursework by Major (PDF)
Find the lower-division, introductory coursework that may be recommended or required for your intended major. Download the Additional Coursework by Major file.

Articulation Agreements: Community Colleges
These lists indicate the community college courses that fulfill General Education and other requirements, as well as equivalents to lower-division courses at USC. Go to the Articulation Agreements page.

Articulation Histories with Local Four-Year Colleges
Though USC does not maintain formal articulation agreements with four-year colleges, our articulation histories will help you determine which courses have been accepted for transfer credit in the past. Go to the Registrar’s articulation histories page.